SSSP (Site Specific Safety Plan) Software System

Our SSSP software system will save you time and money. The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 requires you to have a Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) which is specific to one site. Preparation of this can take up much valuable time. We supply a cost-effective time saving Safety-Worx software system tailored for your company use. The Safety-Worx system is divided into 15 main sections.

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  1. PCBU commitment to health and safety
  2. Planning, review and evaluation
  3. Risk identification
  4. Induction, training, supervision and information
  5. Incident and injury reporting, recording and investigation
  6. Worker participation in health and safety management
  7. Emergency management
  8. PCBU worker and other person
  9. Incident classification
  10. Forms and documents
  11. Personnel
  12. Plans, policy and procedure
  13. Registers
  14. Checklists
  15. Toolbox talks