14 May 2020, Health & Safety

COVID-19 Businesses resources

Find information sheets, social media resources, legal documents and government helplines.

COVID-19 Contractor Checklist

This checklist has been developed to help you consult, co-operate and co-ordinate with your key contractors as you plan to return to working together. We recommend you go through this checklist with each of your contractors and use it as a record of how you are planning to work together to eliminate or minimise the risk of COVID-19 exposure and transmission related to your work.

COVID-19 Exposure Response Report

An exposure event is when you think you or someone else might have been exposed to the virus. This can be distressing so it’s important that you are prepared and have a plan for what to do. Utilise the exposure event report that has been provided to record the event and vital information such as close contacts that may help health officials work.

COVID-19 Leaving Work Checklist

We’re all going to have to develop new habits around leaving work and going home each day. These habits will be different depending on what kind of workplace you work in.

COVID-19 Management Policy

Before work begins again you need to develop a plan for working safely. You also need to discuss and share the plan with everyone at work – including workers, contractors, and suppliers – before the work starts.

COVID-19 Management Review Checklist

Things will change –it could be that there are new waves, clusters or outbreaks of COVID-19, and alert levels might change from month to month and region to region. This means that your plans must always be in a state of review and improvement.

COVID-19 Sign In Register

This sign in register can be downloaded and printed for use in your workplace.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Template

The purpose of the risk assessment is to help you decide what parts of the business or organisation (if any) can be re-opened safely.

COVID-19 Return to Work Plan

The follow up on the Risk Assessment the Return to Work plan starts with recording some details about the locations and activities you want to re-open and re-start

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